Tata Duende Builders adhere to the legend of the “Tata Duende” the protector of the animals and the land.Their goal is to build beautiful and functional homes that are in harmony with the land of Belize.

Rich Caples brings his years of experience of building and development in the Vail, Colorado valley to beautiful Belize. His vision is create homes that reflect his reputation as one of the Vail Valley’s premier builders. His team of professionals can create that perfect tropical paradise home or that special “get away” retreat.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality craftmanship for over 35 years.
  • Team of Experienced Craftmen
  • Superior Architects
  • Professionalism
  • Solid Background in Project Management
  • Reputation as one of Vail, Colorado’s Top Builders
  • Onsite Management 


Our Team

Tata Duende Builders is lead by Rich Caples who has been building custom homes in the Vail, Colorado Valley for over 35 years. Rich now brings his team and knowledge to the beautiful country of Belize. View a portfolio of Rich’s Vail Valley projects to see the quality of Rich’s talent for building the tropical home of your dreams. 
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The Development

Sanctuary Belize is a rare example of a progressive, environmentally forward development designed for people passionate about preserving the beautiful environment they inhabit. This dream property makes a Caribbean paradise an affordable reality for all.
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Tata Duende

Myth? Legend? You be the judge. The mythical being is embedded into the rich culture of Belize. Read the stories of  Tata Duende and then decide what to believe. A protector of the land or a folk tale?
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